Botanical Sampler Box - FREE SHIPPING!

Botanical Sampler Box - FREE SHIPPING!

  • $19.99

This botanical sampler box is a great option to test out a wide range of the botanicals and seed pods we offer for aquariums. Botanicals add tannins, add character to aquascaped tanks, and are a great addition to blackwater tanks, betta tanks, and south american tanks (angels, discus, etc). Each box contains the following items:

  • Brazil Nut Husk
  • Pear Pod
  • Bell Cup Pod
  • Banana Stems
  • Trumpet Pod
  • Jacaranda Pods
  • Jungle Pod
  • Bakuli Pods
  • Elephant Ear Pod
  • Myrtle Pods

Use CODE: "BOTSAMP" at checkout for FREE SHIPPING!

Each sampler pack also contains $20 in valuable single-use coupons when you are ready to order additional botanicals from us - it's a win-win!